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Building Trust for a Connected World

Your published content on the Internet may be just a speck in a sea of billions of others, but it doesn’t mean it’s invaluable.

Tons of graphic designers, writers, web developers, and other content creators are creating content everyday, and as creatives, they pour their mind, soul, and talent into these ventures.

We, at antispamreporter.org, aims to ensure that the content we consume are valuable, unique, and worthwhile.

We value the creators who pour their creativity into providing quality content, and we make sure that none of these are spam, feckless, or plagiarized.

We aim to stop the spread of junk, non-copyrighted and forged articles, graphics, or videos by ensuring that original and quality content get the appropriate credits they deserve. We also penalize websites and platforms that use copied content without considering the laws of copyrights and fair use.

We do not and will never tolerate spamming and plagiarism. Our goal is to provide an esteemed online community with quality content and resources.

Our team

Meet our review team

Amanda Lee

Senior project

Amanda Lee is the Senior Project Manager and Partnership Development for the Anti Spam Reporter. She will help to increase our organization member base, secure corporate partnerships, sponsorships, and all other ISOC fundraising opportunities.

Larry Flint

Graphic Designer

Larry Flint is passionate Graphic Designer at Anti Spam Reporter. Accordingly, he works with our Organization Members around the world to support the Internet in being open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy for everyone.

“In over twenty-five years, Intertrust has made fundamental contributions to how people conduct electronic commerce and interact over open networks with service-enabled devices. We have grown from a small visionary research lab to a world-changing technology and licensing company, always retaining the ability to place our technology at the core of market trends.”

— Talal Shamoon, CEO.